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Bawali Rajbari and Temples


Budge Budge , Calcutta…may be 30 KM from central Calcutta…

We need to know historical account about the Mondal family. So far traceable, Basudeb Ram who was an influential official of the Mughal Army probably that was the period of Emperor Akbar.
Basudeb’s Son Radheshyam took ‘Sanyas’ living behind his only son Shobha Ram who was actually a resident of Basantpur – a village of Nadia District but as demanded by the profession he had to shift to village of Chandipur to oversee administrative job of a huge area centering around Budge Budge of 24 Parganas District on behalf of the Crown. Both Sobha Ram’s son Meghnaad and Grand son Raja Ram also were holding high offices under the Regency.

Once Raja Ram had been able to put down insurgency at different parts of Bengal and also drove away the infamous ‘Bargi Hungama’ with sheer intelligence and velour and in appreciation he was rewarded with the ‘Royal Charter’ empowering them to exercise full control over fifteen villages namely Bawali, Budge–Budge, Kalinagar, Saheban Bagicha, Chakmanik, etc. as Mondal – the title of sub-ruler and there from the family has been bearing the Mondal Title.This is the first time they were bestowed with the real dignity by the Moghal Royalty as well as the Nawab of Bengal.

Harananda Mondal, the grand son of Raja Ram fathered by Dasarath Ram was the most glorious successor who heightened the status of the family by acquiring great fortune by his business acumen as well as efficient ‘Land Reforms’ yielding good harvest as well as optimum revenue from the huge land holding comprising of Four Parganas e.g., Balia, Magura, Muragacha etc., on which he expanded “Zamindary” about two hundred seventy five years ago during the transition period between the Mughal Empire and British Rule.
It is hearsay that he was very pious as well as religious. He was also very compassionate with his tenants and subhordinates. It is also conveyed from generation to generation that during sleep on receipts of a divine ‘Oracle’ he constructed a temple where the deity Sri Sri Radhakanta jiu was installed probably in 1772 A.D. location Maheswarpur. This was the first temple raised by the Mondals. The name of the mason was Subal Chandra Mistry. In the following years an array of Vishnu Temple were built at different places by the descendants of which a brief account being placed in the following notes :-
Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Jui Temple. A nine-domed temple – huge structure bearing marvelous architecture laced with sprawling Nut Mandir with full flooring of costly marbles and Italian ‘Carar’ stones. This was built in 1799 A.D.

Name of mason : Ramkanai Mistry and his sibling Baburam Mistry
Location : Maheswarpur (Bawali) , On bank of Hoogly River..


It is told that Rani Rashmoni build Dakshineswar Kali Temple inspired by this architect. 
See the present pictures of ruined temples and RAJBARI..
However, an entrepreneur is renovating this Palace and now four rooms are ready for visitors there. One can spend the week end in this palace.. if you wish to know further details for booking procedure , contact : Mr. Sandip Khanna.. Mobile: +91-9830012566…

 Several Bengali movies , including GAYNER BAKSHO was shot in this can enjoy staying there with all old ROYAL FURNITURE with memory of past..not sure , even those kings may visit you in night to meet you !!!

Food   is  arranged by them….

See the pictures of Rajbari and ruined Temples there….




Bawali (1)



Bawali (2)


Bawali (5)



Bawali (7)



Bawali (9)



Bawali (12)






Bawali (13)






Bawali (14)




Bawali (15)




Bawali (22)





Bawali (23)



Bawali (25)




Bawali (26)


Bawali (29)



Bawali (31)



Bawali (33)



Bawali (35)




Bawali (36)




Bawali (37)



Bawali (38)



Bawali (41)



Bawali (43)





Bawali (44)





Bawali (46)





Bawali (47)





Bawali (48)





Bawali (49)





Bawali (50)

4 comments on “Bawali Rajbari and Temples

  1. dibakar ray says:

    Thanks for the good work. Will it be possible to share the source of history of Mondal family.


    1. abhibishnu says:

      Hi. Actually I got the info from Wikipedia, Maybe u can try that too?


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