Independent India’s first hill city: Lavasa



Independent India’s first hill city. That’s how Lavasa is widely advertised and publicized. Indeed, the growth of this obscure place near Pune into a picturesque hill station is one of the great growth stories of the last decade.
Dasave, Mugaon and two other towns make up  present –day  Lavasa, which have been amalgamated under the Lavasa Corporation, into one single unit, that provides ample opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and in the future, would generate work opportunities.

The town is around 57 km from Pune by road. The road from Pune , crossing the Bangalore highway, leads through Chandni Chowk, then rightwards onto the Lavasa toll road. Further on, through the beautiful  hills and  valleys on both sides, through obscure places with quaint names such as Bhukum, one reaches a bifurcation , leaving Paud  Road  on the right, and ascends the road to Lavasa, on the left.

Lavasa is enjoyable in all seasons, but especially so in the monsoons, when one literally drives through the wafting white clouds,into a lush green paradise. It’s an ethereal world in which one wants to stay forever.
One arrives at Lavasa, through a well- designed entry gate, that says “ Welcome to Lavasa”. On reaching, if one wants a decent cup of coffee, overseeing the distant sunset over the adjoining reservoir, Ekaant the retreat  is highly recommended. It also has beautiful lawns , a nice restaurant, and  facilities for overnight stay .Driving further down, one must take a walk across the Dasave dam, which makes up a part of the river front. The riverfront, though not fully developed, has eateries and other facilities, and is a decent place for strolling around, taking pictures.

Lavasa provides something for everyone; relaxation and enjoyment for the family, adventure sports for the adventure-inclined, superb shots for the shutterbugs, and seclusion and romance for lovers.Choose your pick as to what you would like to do.

Due to court orders, a lot of construction in and around Lavasa has been suspended, slowing the growth of what could have been a  truly marvellous place. It is estimated that things may resume , and by 2020, the Lavasa growth story would be complete.

Driving back in the evening, driving down the undulating road, one can see the city lights of Pune in the distance. Lavasa  is the place for peace, for relaxation, for romance….however you might want to take it. Come, lose yourself in this beautiful place, and take back beautiful memories with you.

Distance & Directions : 57 km from Pune by road, given in map

Height above sea level: 640 mtrs

Best season to visit: Monsoons ( June to September)

Things to do: Relax/ holiday, Photography, Adventure sports ( Water sports, paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, trekking and lots more)

Xthrill adventure academy:

Events: Lavasa Fame 2014, Lavasa Holiday Summer special, India martial art fest, Lavasa women’s drive, Lavasa hill run, Vintage car show, Diwali dhamaka (

Food & Accommodation :

  1. Ekaant the Retreat  : Multicuisine buffet restaurant, 20 rooms, Wi-fi access, Inddor and outdoor games (www.
  2. Fortune select Dasve (
  3. The Water Front Shaw, Lavasa(
  4. Mercure Lavasa (

More information :


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